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We now offer a private hairdressing service in the salon.

It is important to have a consultation before your hair extensions fitting.  The entire consultation normally takes 15-20 minutes and will allow you and your stylist to discuss colour matching, styles and also to discuss any concerns you might have. As soon as you’ve completed your consultation, your extensions could be fitted and finished within 24 hours!

What to expect from your consultation?

  • Assess the overall health of your hair
  • Select and match your colours
  • Select the length of your extensions
  • Choose a suitable application method
  • Discuss your budget for your hair extensions

Weaves Hair Extensions Consultations are informative and creative, but also informal. At no point will you be pressured into, or offered incentives to use our hair extensions services, other than our introductory offer of a 30% discount on your first hair extensions appointment at the salon.

Experienced Hair Extensions Experts

Weaves stylists are hair extensions experts with years of experience

Following the government’s COVID-19 guidelines:
All salon surfaces are thoroughly cleaned with disinfectant before and after each client.
All hairdressing tools are sterilized in a special UV ozone disinfection cabinet.
Single-use equipment is used where possible (disposable towels, gowns, gloves, etc.) and clients are expected to wear protective face masks during their appointment (can be provided by the salon).
Food consumption is not allowed in the premises, bottled water can be provided.
All products and hair extensions are non-refundable, subsequent to customer’s possession.
If you experience any symptoms related to Covid-19 or feel unwell, please do not enter the premises.

Always Remy 100% Human Hair Extensions

Sourced from the industries top suppliers, Weaves hair extensions are of the finest quality, responsibly collected and 100% human hair.
Weaves are happy to recommend products which will assist in maintaining pigmentation and moisture.

Match your desired colour, extension length and style during your free and informal consultation.

Your stylists at Weaves are genuine extension experts with years of hairdressing and tutoring experience.

Sew-In Weaves Hair Extensions

Weaves are our speciality – a traditional technique which first involves creating a braided base of your natural hair. Extension hair is then sewn onto the braided base.
The extension hair weaves are attached flat against the scalp in rows, ensuring a perfect blend with your natural hair.
Hair Weaves can be used to add volume and length. They will last for approximately 2 – 3 months, sometimes longer.

Micro-Rings Hair Extensions

This method  is perfect for those wanting to avoid the use of adhesives and heat during application.  Microrings are perhaps the easiest professional application method.  Extension hair is gently placed within the micro ring, looped through your natural hair and clipped shut using pliers.  The rings are silicone lined to prevent damage to your natural hair.  Removing the rings is simply a case of pressing them open, releasing the grip on the natural hair. The micro rings can then be repositioned  and reused many times to extend your hair.

Corrective Hair Extensions

Have you been unlucky in your search for a hair extensions expert?

At Weaves we see many examples of poor application but all is not lost. The hair extensions can often be reused and we will not charge for removal.
We understand the urgency so call Zion now on 01273 720036. You could also send a photo to

Braids, Cornrows & Dreadlocks

Traditional afro hair styles at Weaves Hair Extensions

Braids are very popular at present. They can vary enormously from tight, close braiding to lose flowing braids. Book a consultation now to discuss your braids

Cornrows, often known as rows, or canerows, are a traditional African style of hair styling in which the hair is braided very close to the scalp, producing continuous, raised rows of braided hair.
Cornrows are often formed, as the name suggests, in simple, straight lines, but your stylists at Weaves can also form Rows into complicated curves and designs.

Dreadlocks At Weaves we are able to deadlock your hair, or fit dreadlocked extensions. We have years of experience with locks, so book your consultation now and you’ll have the best dreads in town.

Hair Treatments

Perms & Relaxers, Scalp Bleaching and Weaves Organic Colour Treatments

Relaxer Treatments for Afro, Curly or Multi Textured Hair at Weaves Hair Extensions, Brighton

You’re just an informal consultation away from sensationally smooth styles at Weaves – Brighton’s specialist afro, curly and multi-textured hairdressers.
At Weaves, we understand the day to day styling desires of our clients and their afro, curly, or multi-textured hair.
Weaves can soften, straighten and relax afro curly or multi-textured hair to achieve the look you dream of.

Benefits of Relaxer Treatments on Afro or Curly, Textured Hair

  • Straighten afro, curly or multi-textured hair
  • Smooth the textures of the hair
  • Soften your overall hairstyle
  • Make afro, curly and multi-textured hair less tangled
  • Manage your hairstyle easier
  • Reduce styling time spent on your hair

Colouring Treatments

We use the latest technology and where possible, organic, natural ingredients, to reduce any potential damage, while imparting condition and shine to your hair.

Organic and mineral Permanent Colour


  • Ammonia Free – Safer for the hair and scalp
  • Reduces the stress on hair
  • Achieve up to 4-6 levels of lightening
  • Less fading and longer lasting results due to the ammonia free formula
  • 100% grey coverage
  • Creates a shine and leaves the hair in great condition
  • Enhanced with Argan Oil Pleasant fruity fragrance when mixed with our fruity booster developer
  • 80 shades in range

Organic and Mineral Water Gel Colour


  • Non Peroxide hair colour Gel Colour is the most revolutionary product.
  • It is a 95% water based product that is effective in colouring grey hair.
  • Gel Colour is activated by water and not peroxide, it works with the hairs natural base to produce a vibrant lasting colour
  • There are 20 shades in the range
  • If you have highlights and want to tone them to a warmer or darker shade, Gel colour can retain the highlighted effect.
  • If you have a percentage of grey or white hair Gel colour just these hairs creating beautiful natural lights.

Seaweed Lightener 


  • Specially formulated for modern colouring and highlighting techniques
  • Contains the goodness of natural seaweed extracts
  • The natural organic properties of seaweed are well known for their ability to add richness and natural shine to the hair
  • When used in conjunction with Fruity Booster it will produce the degree of lift you require whilst the unique properties of the Seaweed Lightener and Fruity Booster will protect the hair from damage.

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Super professional hair artist! Amazing results! I had a haircut and some highlights that completely changed my look!..

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Please note that the hair and cost of service are completly non-refundable, cancelling any appointments longer than 2 hours, less than 72 hours before the appointment will face a cancellation charge and consultations before your weave are absolutelynecessary.